Constantia Endermologie® Clinic


Being beautiful is about being the healthiest you can be, maintaining the ideal body weight for your frame and age, and being happy with the way you are

We offer a sensible approach to a healthier lifestyle and a better self-image that has the added benefit of helping to reduce problem areas and increase your energy levels. Our method is safe, non-surgical, and a healthy way to achieve optimum health. Our service includes Endermologie® treatments and weight loss/ weight management programs under the guidance of a registered dietician.

Endermologie® is recognised worldwide as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of cellulite and body contouring treatments. Endermologie is a unique treatment pioneered by LPG® Systems, headquartered in France. There are different ‘Keymodules™’ and they are designed to target specific problems, such as cellulite, loose skin (e.g. on tummies after pregnancies) and localized fat (e.g. ‘love handles’ and inner thigh bulges).

We are in the business of helping people by giving them the choice. We specialize in helping people reaching their own personalized weight and body goals. With the added dietetic service we also work with specific diet related problems to improve optimum health and assist in healthy weight loss and maintenance.

We offer some sound and practical advice that, with a little willpower and persistence on client’s part should provide definite results.

The one difference between our clinic and other clinics is that our results are lasting and through experience we have seen that by developing self love through eating healthy, living healthy and nourishing the mind / soul, goals are achievable. 




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Benefits of Endermologie®

targets fat

Endermologie® uses targeted treatment to focus on your problem areas. It's possible to slim particular areas which are stubbornly resistant to diet and exercise.


smooths cellulite

Cellulite is a skin condition that affects more than 90% of women. It is the "orange peel" skin most women begin to notice in their 20s. It tends to worsen with age and is related to hormonal variations. Resulting from circulation impairment on a micro level, cellulite is a vicious circle involving abnormal fluid retention in connective tissue and enlargement of fat cells.The way people consume entertainment is constantly in flux, so the laws must adapt quickly. Harris Ingram strives to anticipate these changes so you can focus more on creating the performance of a lifetime.


tones the skin

Targeted treatment can help correct loose skin and suppleness which occurs naturally from life events - such as pregnancy, weight fluctuations and old age.


lightens legs

Endermologie® improves lymphatic circulation which helps flush out toxins and stimulates circulation. It also helps with water retention. Painful or uncomfortable conditions such as swollen legs and ankles - which result from poor blood and lymphatic circulation - can be treated using this technology.


Pricing and Specials

visible results after just 3 sessions

A lot of people will begin to notice results after the third session. The average woman will need 14 to 20 treatments to achieve optimal results. Treatments are generally 35 minutes in duration, twice a week. Once a month follow-up treatments are recommended to maintain results. 



The process involves you, our client, wearing an LPG® ENDERMOWEAR technical outfit (imagine a body stocking) while you lay down on a standard massage table whilst the technician applies the Endermologie® equipment over your chosen areas. Some people fall asleep.


normal price

R 300 per session

(+ R 300 once-off payment for LPG® body stocking not incl)


10 Sessions

R 250 per session

(+ R 300 once-off payment for LPG® body stocking not incl)

TOTAL R 2,500

SAVE R 500



20 Sessions

R 250 per session and receive 2 for FREE

(+ R 300 once-off payment for LPG® body stocking not incl)

TOTAL R 5,000

SAVE R 1,600

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